Android Tablet App of the Week - HD Widgets

Maximum PC Staff

Let’s face it. Android is one of the favorite mobile platforms for geeks and power users for a reason. The platform is much more customizable than the competition, and provides the tools to really make the device yours. One of the customization features that can provide a huge amount of functionality is widget support. Widgets are usually small applications that provide critical utility without requiring you to run a full-blown app. Android Honeycomb ships with some built-in widgets, and developers sometimes include widgets with their software to increase the value ( Evernote for Android tablets is a perfect example).

Widgets HD is a new set of widgets designed specifically for the large screen of your Android tablet. Individual widgets can be configured with different themes, or you can fine-tune everything to make it look and function exactly how you desire. Weather and time are the main information displayed, but these too can be customized for what they display and how. Buttons for several common tasks such as toggling Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can be added to your home screen also. If you'd like additional weather information, you can simply tap on the weather section of the widget to get a full screen representation of your weather forecast for the next several days (powered by WeatherBug or AccuWeather).

Widgets HD is available from the Android Marketplace for $1.99.

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