Android Tablet App of the Week - Google Voice

Maximum PC Staff

Google Voice is one of the coolest cloud services we've ever seen. Get your account set up with a phone number in your area code of choice, and Google Voice will provide you with a number of convenient functions for free. Voicemail with transcription, call forwarding, even the ability to simultaneously ring multiple phones, Google Voice can be the solution to a host of problems. Sadly though, the Google Voice web app isn't as powerful as the rest of Google's lineup. Users of Android phones have had the best access to their Google Voice account through a native app, but Google somehow forgot that they make a tablet OS too—until now.

Arguably, Google Voice makes more sense for a tablet user than a phone user. Phones have the ability to handle text messaging and voice natively, though most tablets do not. Having access to these function on non-native platforms is where Google Voice really shows its power.

Google Voice for Android Tablets provides you with an inbox view of your messages. Labels are supported, and the transcription of your messages is displayed in the list view, as well. Voicemail supports full playback control, giving you the ability to jump to whatever point in a message you wish. As the voicemail is played back, the text in the transcription is highlighted, allowing you to follow along and making it easier to discern hard-to-hear words or phrases.

Google Voice for Android is available as a free download from the Android Marketplace.

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