Android SMS Bug Still Bugging Users

Ryan Whitwam

According to ZD Net, some Android users are becoming frustrated with the lack of progress on a particularly annoying bug. Many users have reported that an SMS bug in the mobile OS can cause messages to be sent to the wrong number in some instances. A search of the Google Code site indicates this has been an issues ever since the first Froyo builds rolled out back in June. It is currently listed as 'Medium' priority.

The degree to which this bug crops up seems to vary wildly. Some users report being able to reproduce it upon request with a  series of somewhat complicated steps. Another piece of the puzzle is more common, and involves simply being routed to the wrong place. Tapping on the Messaging icon, or a message notification can sometimes route the user to the wrong Messaging thread. It could be easy to fire off a text here without noticing.

We've never experienced the first bug on our Android phones. The second, and less severe SMS bug has come up occasionally, but not often. Have any of you Android users noticed any SMS being sent to the wrong person?

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