Android Scores Sports Illustrated App

Paul Lilly

While Apple fans are fumbling over themselves downloading News Corp.'s janky The Daily app for the iPad (yes, I called it janky -- tried it, didn't care for it), Android users are getting something a little different. It's Sports Illustrated in digital form, and it's available now for use with Android tablets and smartphones, as well as the Web.

The app works with Android devices running at least version 2.1 of the open-source OS. A print/digital subscription (Samsung Galaxy/Android smartphone/Web) runs $48 annually or $4.99/month. The Digital Only subscription is $3.99/month, while current print subscribers will have unfettered access to the digital package for no charge.

"This is a significant step in delivering Sports Illustrated's award-winning journalism to sports fans everywhere and in any way they want it," said Mark Ford, Time Inc., EVP and President of its Sports Group. "The new subscription options give consumers flexibility and convenience they desire and ensures that our multiple revenue streams continue to grow."

Time Inc. says Sports Illustrated's print subscriber-base currently stands at 3.15 million strong.

Sports Illustrated Digital Access

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