Android Parties Like a Rock Star in North America


Android is perhaps the hottest mobile OS on the planet right now, and much of its success can attributed to rabid demand in North America. According to AdMob's April Mobile Metrics Report, 75 percent of all Android devices reside stateside, followed by Asia at a distant second with 12 percent.

Despite Android's rapid rise, however, Apple's iPhone still claims the lion's share of the mobile device market, both in the U.S. and overseas. There are 8.7 million Android devices in the U.S. compared with 10.7 million iPhones. Globally, there are 11.6 million Android devices scattered all over the planet, compared to 27.4 million iPhones.

Both mobile platforms have shown strong growth around the world, and while the iPhone still dominates, Google's Android platform does claim a few territories. This was the case in China in April, where the HTC Hero, HTC Magic, and HTC Dream helped Android owners outnumber iPhone owners.

Full report here (PDF) .

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