Android Market More than Doubles Number of Apps Since December

Ryan Whitwam

It’s amazing what the high profile launch of a smartphone can do for a mobile platform. According to numbers that come straight from The Big G, the number of Android apps has more than doubled since December . This leaves it hovering somewhere around 30,000. Most of this growth is almost certainly thanks to the massive number of Droid sales. The Android Market may not have 150,000 apps like the iPhone App Store, but still quite a feat.

Android tends to have a higher ratio of free to paid apps than other application stores, so many of these new apps are available free of charge. Will the trend continue, or are we likely to see short bursts of app development around big phone releases? Google is doing their part by handing out Droids and Nexus Ones to successful developers. Where’s the tipping point where number don’t matter anymore? There will be a point that everything you need will be on various mobile platforms. The question is: does Android have what you need?

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