Android Market Hits 10 Billion Downloads, Google Celebrates with 10-Day Sale

Ryan Whitwam

As Google’s Android platform continues to dominate smartphone sales, the big G has decided to update us all on a significant milestone. As of last weekend, the Android Market has exceeded 10 billion app downloads. According to Google, the current rate is more than 1 billion per month. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Google has worked with top app developers to sell some premium apps for just $0.10.

The sale will run 10 days and includes some really stellar titles like Fieldrunners HD, Minecraft, Soundhound infinity, and Switfkey X. The best part, each day Google will be switching out the sale apps, so make sure to check back daily. Many of these apps usually sell for $6 or $7, but you can get them for next to nothing.

As OEMs continue to pump out new phones on a weekly basis, we expect the Android Market will continue to grow. It’s worth noting that Google is just talking about total downloads, not sales in this announcement. Some developers claim that revenue from paid apps is still not where it should be. Will you be taking advantage of Google’s generosity?

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