Android Market Closes in on 50,000 Apps

Paul Lilly

Google has yet to disclose exactly how many apps are offered up in the company's Android Marketplace, leaving it to third-party websites to collect their own statistics., which maintains an updated Android app directory, did just that and reports that the Android Market now sits at nearly 50,000 apps strong.

That's still a far cry from Apple's App Store which, at last count , contained over 185,000 apps. But Android's growing at a rapid pace and has more than doubled the number of apps since the beginning of 2010, according to AndroLib's data.

So far this month, there have been almost 9,000 applications added to the Android Market, up from 8,636 new apps introduced in March. That's an impressive spike from 5,497 new apps in February, and 4,445 in January. In case you're wondering, there have been anywhere from about 200 to 550 new apps introduced per day this month.

At the current pace, it might not be long until the Android Market catches up with Apple's App Store. That could be bad news for Apple, especially with the number of Android-based smartphones starting to flood the market.

More statistics here .

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