Android Market Blocked by China's Great Firewall

Paul Lilly

As if relations between China and Google weren't already tense, it's being reported that the Chinese government has gone and blocked the Android Market in the mainland. There's no love lost between these two giant entities, though why exactly China has chosen to erect a firewall in five major provinces to block users from downloading Android apps is not yet known.

The Next Web first reported the blockage, which is verified by heading over to Blocked in China , a website that checks the accessibility of URLs from Beijin, Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province, and Yunnan Province. As of this writing, all five are registering as "Blocked."

According to The Register , this all started over the weekend, right after Google announced plans to help the Dalai Lama to virtually visit South Africa. Whether or not this is the reason why China is blocking the Android Market is anyone's guess at this point. and remain blocked as well.

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