Android Market Adds Over 9000 Apps in March

Ryan Whitwam

Recent statistics from app tracking site AndroLib indicate that the Android Market saw a whopping 9,331 new apps in the month of March. Until recently, the number of new apps was increasing slowly, but the jump from February to March was massive. There were only 5,532 new apps in February, and that was the highest yet.

The pace of growth has been fairly constant over the last year. Each month saw slightly more apps hitting the Market as the plat form grew. If last month's numbers are any indication, Android users have a lot to be happy about. The Android Market now has nearly 30,000 apps, putting it firmly in second place to the iPhone App Store's 160,000 apps.

Aside from the sheer numbers, it's important just what apps you can get. If the apps available on a plat form don't include the one's you really want, it doesn't matter how many there are. The Android Market has made dramatic progress since it consisted of only 167 apps in its first month. Maybe next month we will see over 10,000 new apps. Which by comparison, was the total size of the store back in September.

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