Android Does Digg, Not as Slick as iPhone App

Paul Lilly

Just before the weekend, Digg ported its official app over to Android so that Droid, Nexus One, and every other Android-based smartphone owner can promote (or bury) articles using the same simple interface as the iPhone variant.

Digg's Android App lets users quickly view and sort through stories found on You'll find tabs for top, recent, and upcoming stories on Digg, and even the commenting interface is virtually identical to the one on the iPhone. Unfortunately, that's where the similarities end.

Unlike the iPhone app, you can't save articles in the Android version. You also can't push a button to share to Facebook or Twitter, or even have a Digg link open in Dolphin (or whatever browser you might be using, including Android's stock browser).

We gave the app a test run ourselves, and shortcomings aside, it's not a bad piece of software for keeping up with the day's top stories when on the go. You can find it in the Android Marketplace by searching for "Digg."

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