Android Developers Set Up Google+ Page, Plan to Hangout

Ryan Whitwam

Google had been making a lot of changes as of late, and the Android mobile operating system had not been spared. Android 4.0 was a drastic UI departure, there is now a developer design guide, and just today, the Android Developers at Google set up a Google+ account to help devs to make better apps.

The Android developer account will be posting tips for making better use of the SDK and developer tools on a daily basis. Perhaps the best initiative being undertaken by the Google engineers is a weekly “office hours” Hangout video chat. Developers will be able to log in and ask direct questions about Android development of the people that would know best. The first chat is going to be scheduled every Wednesday at 2PM PST, but more slots might be added.

Google is taking note of the importance of third-party apps in a way they never have before. All the Hangouts will be recorded for archiving on YouTube, so even part-time developers will have a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

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