Android Developers Rush Out Second Rate Siri App

Paul Lilly

Have you heard of Siri? Of course you have, unless you turned the dial on your Apple ear filters to 11. Siri is one of the most talked about features native to the recently released iPhone 4S, and it's been garnering a lot of attention and praise, and maybe even a bit of envy in the Android camp. The cool thing about Android, however, is any developer can code a Siri equivalent to work with Google's open source mobile platform, and to prove it, a team of Android developers went and did just that. Sort of.

It's an alpha level app called Iris (Siri spelled backwards), and it was built in just eight short hours. As you can imagine, Iris is a bit rough around the edges -- really rough, actually -- but it proves there's nothing inherently special about the iPhone 4S that makes it a better platform for this sort of technology, just in case there was any doubt.

We spent a few minutes playing with Iris and ran into many of the same quirks that Slashgear did. We asked Iris a simple math question and were told, "The time after the past but before the future." We were going for "15." Repeated attempts to have Iris call someone in our Contacts list proved even more frustrating as it repeatedly got the name wrong and kept asking, "Call who?"

So it's not Siri, but it's a step in the right direction for Android fans who want a virtual personal assistant of their own.

Iris Download

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