Android App of the Week: Springpad

Maximum PC Staff

We’ve reviewed note apps before, particularly Evernote, and celebrated the ability of cloud-aware apps to synchronize your important information seamlessly and safely between multiple devices. Springpad looks to take the classic note app to a whole new cloud-service level.

On the surface, Springpad resembles so many note taking applications that have come before: Notes, organized in notebooks, store critical information such as web links, addresses, pictures, or audio. Springpad even offers browser extensions and “bookmarklets” for the desktop that allow you to quickly create a note from the web page you are viewing.

Springpad’s cloud services not only handle and sync your notes, but also provide enhanced details for specific types of notes such as Movies or Places. Using the “Look it up” option when adding a new note allows you to associate a note with the specific Movie, Place, Product, etc. that you want, and automatically retrieves other information such as show times, an address, and useful links.

Springpad for Android is available as a free download from the Android Marketplace and works well with both phone and tablet form factors. Companion apps for iPhone and iPad are also available.

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