Android App of the Week: Spreaker Radio

Maximum PC Staff

The Internet has brought the concept of content creation to the masses in the form of social media, blogs, and personal websites. People with interests of all types are able to share ideas and passions with likeminded individuals throughout the world. But as the Internet has become more open to content created by end-users, competition has increased in the form of other competing messages, making it increasingly important for content creators to embrace new forms of media, like video blogs or podcasts.

Spreaker is a new addition to the Android scene, but has been around on the iPhone side for a while. The app -- and associated service -- make the task of creating and publishing podcasts from your mobile device a breeze. Spreaker provides you the ability to not only create and upload podcasts, but to broadcast streaming live shows that can be published to your blog or social media channel. As a service, Spreaker offers three tiers that provide you with different features and live broadcast durations. Spreaker’s Basic service allows up to 30 minute broadcasts for free, Gold ups your broadcast time to 3 hours for $19.90 per month, and Platinum gives you 5 hours of broadcast time for $49.90 a month.

The Spreaker app itself is available as a free download from the Android Market. You can give the features and capabilities a try with the Basic service.

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