Android App of the Week: Google Music

Maximum PC Staff

Last week we discussed Google’s lack of support for music lovers in our review of DoubleTwist Player . Wouldn’t you know Google responded the next day by releasing an entire ecosystem for purchasing, storing, and listening to your favorite music.

At first glance, Google Music is a direct competitor to Apple’s iTunes music store and music player. The Google Music app for Android shed the beta tag last week, and allows users to interact with their music library in all the ways you would expect. Google also announced the ability for customers to purchase and download music from large music labels and independent artists alike using the Android Market. The third piece of the Google Music puzzle competes against cloud music storage solutions such as iTunes Match and Amazon’s Cloud Player, allowing you to upload your music library, where it will be available to your phone or tablet from anywhere with a data connection.

Google Music (the app) is available as a free download from the Android Marketplace. Individual songs cost $.99-$1.29, and Google currently has a variety of tracks available for free. Google’s Music cloud storage is also for now a free service with a 20,000 song cap.

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