Android App Finds Open Parking Spots

Paul Lilly

It's quickly becoming apparent that there's no limit to what Google Labs will concoct to make everyday life a little easier. The latest experiment is called "Open Spot," which is a free app intended to help Android users find free parking spaces.

There aren't any fancy GPS tricks or spy cameras hidden around town, and instead Open Spot relies on you, Joe Citizen, to tap the "Mark a Spot" button on the app when you leave your parking space. Other Android users within about a 1 mile radius will then see the open spot as designed by a red (just vacated), orange (vacated 5 minutes ago), or yellow (vacated 10 minutes ago) dot. And as an incentive, the more open spots you mark, the more "karma points" you're awarded.

So what happens when some jackass gets the bright idea to mark a bunch of spots as open even when they're not?

"We're watching for behavior that looks like a griefer spoofing parking spots," Google said . "We have a couple of mechanisms available to make sure someone can't leave a bunch of fake parking spots. If we see this happening we will take steps to fix it."

It's a neat idea, but one with limited utility until there are more Android users for something like to truly be effective.

Open Spot Download

Image Credit: Google

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