Android 4.0 Asks Users To Join Google+, Add A Credit Card

Ryan Whitwam

Now that users are getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in their hands for the first time, one change has caught everyone’s attention. When booting up an ICS phone for the first time, the device no longer just asks for a Google account sign-in. Android 4.0 will offer the user an opportunity to join Google+ and add a credit card to Android Market right there.

This could be huge for Google, which is seeing over half a million Android activations each and every day. Even though the number of ICS devices at first will be small, that’s a lot more users getting hooked on Google+ right away. While users have been inputting billing details into the Android Market since paid apps first went live, this new method will get people into the ecosystem right away.

It’s taken time, but Google has built a tightly integrated ecosystem of services on Android. Users can do their social networking, music purchasing, and video viewing within Google’s cloud. Do you think this is going to work in Google’s favor, or will users be put off by Google’s insistence?

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