Android 2.2 Headed to Nook Color Next Month

Paul Lilly

Barnes and Noble's Nook Color is an interesting device, albeit rocking an older version of Android (version 2.1) that might be holding the eReader back. Come January, B&N will give its newest Nook a makeover with Android 2.2, reports .

"I spoke today with a Barnes and Noble representative who showed me the forthcoming update on his company Nook which is slated for this January,"'s Steve Green writes. "The 2.2 Android update is a game changer and literally turns the eReader into a near full Android tablet device."

According to Green, Android 2.2 gives the Nook Color a boost in both performance and battery life, though he notes "the graphics performance still seemed sluggish even with 2.2 when scrolling through magazines and webpages." The upcoming Android update will also usher in a revamped Android Market, though it's still up in the air whether or not the Nook Color will have access to it.

Image Credit: Barnes and Noble

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