Android 2.0 Support Now Available in SDK

Paul Lilly

Do you smell something cooking in the Android SDK? That's Android 2.0, otherwise known as Eclair, which is now supported in the software development kit. That's great news for Android developers, who now have new APIs to play with for sync, Bluetooth, a revamped graphics architecture with better hardware acceleration, and a few other goodies.

The highly anticipated Android update also includes Exchange support, better contact management, search functionality for all saved SMS and MMS messages, a much improved camera with built-in flash support, digital zoom, white balance, color effect, scene mode, and macro focus, an improved virtual keyboard, multi-touch support, better browser controls, and a whole lot more.

An interesting side note to all of this is whether or not Android 2.0 will be made available on T-Mobile's G1 device. While we haven't heard anything official other than a sketchy statement by T-Mobile, there's been some rumblings that the G1's meager amount of internal memory may not be enough to accommodate an Android 2.0 installation. Cross your fingers, G1 owners, or take matters into your own hands and hack your handset .

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