And There Was Mech Rejoicing: MechWarrior Online Using CryEngine 3

Maximum PC Staff

Whether erroneous or not, many people see free-to-play as being synonymous with “cheap,” “shallow,” and “amazing graphics... for the year 1427.” So when Piranha Games announced that MechWarrior was biting that particular bullet, many gamers figured it already had one 20-ton steel foot in the grave. CryEngine 3 , though, is hardly the stuff quick cash-ins are made of. We suppose it's only fitting that giant mechs would be powered by the gaming engine equivalent of an 800 lb gorilla. And by “fitting,” we mean the best mental image ever . Sadly, though, Piranha still hasn't released any legitimate screenshots -- at least, not since 2009 , pre-CryEngine 3. More soon? We sure hope so.

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