And the Buggiest Software Award Goes to...Chrome!

Paul Lilly

Google's Chrome browser is finally in first place, though not in any category the sultan of search wants to be in. The speedy browser topped Bit9's annual "Dirty Dozen" list of apps with the 76 found vulnerabilities, NetworkWorld reports .

The Dirty Dozen list is compiled based on information available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology's public National Vulnerability Database, so if Google has a beef with its ranking, Bit9 isn't to blame here, they're merely the messenger.

Taking up the No. 2 spot is Apple's Safari browser with 60 reported vulnerabilities, while Mozilla Firefox came in fifth with 51 flaws and Microsoft's Internet Explorer eighth with 32 flaws. In other words, all four major browsers made the list.

Outside of browsers, Microsoft Office was the worst offender, checking in at No. 3 with 57 flaws, followed by Adobe Acrobat (No. 4) with 54 vulnerabilities.

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