Anand Shimpi Leaves Popular Review Site to Work for Apple

Paul Lilly

Making the transition from AnandTech to Apple

You may have already heard the news that Anand Lal Shimpi, the veteran tech journalist who founded the popular review site AnandTech back in 1997, is retiring from the tech publishing world. He made the announcement in a lengthy (and informative) blog post over the weekend, but one thing he left out is where the road ahead will take him. Turns out it's Cupertino -- Anand Shimpi is going to work for Apple .

News of Shimpi's transition to Apple was reported by Recode , which claims that an Apple representative confirmed his hiring. However, the rep wasn't willing to provide any other details at this time, so it's unclear what his role at the Cupertino outfit will be.

As for AnandTech , the former Geocities site will continue to publish content with Ryan Smith taking over as Editor in Chief. According to Shimpi, the site is in great shape with "solid" traffic and having set a number of records on the business side of things in 2013. So in other words, he's not abandoning a sinking ship, nor is his health an issue (a point he stressed in his post).

"On a personal level I’ve made myself available to all AnandTech editors for advice and guidance, however I have fully removed myself from the editorial process. I can offer a suggestion on how to deal with a situation so long as describing the situation does not reveal any confidential information to me," Shimpi said .

Shimpi isn't the first AnandTech body to end up at Apple. According to 9to5Mac , former editor Brian Klug left the site for a job at Apple building mobile processors.

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