Analysts: 9-Inch Kindle Fire This Summer

Ryan Whitwam

Amazon is too busy raking in all that Kindle cash to offer any clues about a larger successor to the Kindle Fire, but most industry watchers are convinced that such a device is coming. Following a DigiTimes report in December, Pacific Crest analysts have raised sales expectations for Amazon in expectation of a 9-inch Fire successor this summer.

The current Kindle Fire is a 7-inch device running a heavily modified version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It lacks a connection to all Google services, instead running Amazon’s video, music, and app stores. A 7-inch device is great for reading, but multimedia can often call for a larger screen. Pacific Crest was originally predicting 12.7 million fires this year, but now feels that 14.9 million is more accurate.

Despite some mediocre reviews, the Fire has sold briskly. Clearly, there is a market for a $200 Android tablet, even one less capable than other, more expensive options. Would a 9-inch Fire be a possible purcahse for you?

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