Analyst Issues 'Buy' Rating for Twitter Ahead of IPO

Paul Lilly

Most anticipated tech IPO since Facebook

Twitter has filed paperwork for its Initial Public Offering (IPO), and in doing so is generating hype in the tech industry that hasn't been seen since Facebook's IPO in June 2012. It's even received a "Buy" rating from at least one analyst, even though the microblogging service isn't yet available on the stock market. Apparently the consensus is that Twitter will get off to a quicker start than Facebook did.

Facebook debuted at $38 per share, but quickly fell beneath that price, where it stayed for a long time. Those who didn't panic and jump ship are now rewarded with stock that's selling for nearly $51 and appears to be trending upward.

Robert Peck, an analyst with SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, believes Twitter will debut at around $28-$30 per share before jumping to $50 per share within a year, Reuters reports . Not bad for a service that simply allows people and businesses to post 140-character messages.

The vast majority -- 87 percent -- of Twitter's revenue comes from advertising, which it began selling in 2010. Twitter plans to generate additional ad revenue through Twitter Amplify and real-time targeted TV ads, where it could rake in $1 billion in ad revenue from YouTube alone, The Verge reports .

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