Analyst:: FTC's Beef with Intel is "Overblown"

Paul Lilly

Following a $1.25 billion settlement with AMD, the FTC decided to move forward with an investigation into Intel's business practices. Be that as it may, at least one analyst is downplaying the situation , rejecting the notion that the courts will force Intel's hand at licensing modern x86 instruction sets to other firms, EETimes reports.

Doug Freedman, an analyst with Broadpoint AmTech, said the potential ramifications of the FTC's case against Intel are "overblown," and went on to emphasize a "buy" rating on the chip maker's stock.

"Our call is that INTC is the best value in semis is predicated on stronger than expected earnings driving in server and notebook markets, concurrent with concerns about FTC actions becoming better understood as the legal process enters the public domain," Freedman wrote in a note to his company's clients.

Freedman added that Intel has a "much stronger case than people realize" and expects a favorable ruling before the end of 2010.

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