An Indian-born Will be First Ever Federal CTO

Pulkit Chandna

It is now certain that the first ever federal chief technology officer, to be appointed by the Obama Administration, will be of Indian descent. The search for the maiden federal CTO is nearing its coda and now only two contenders remain.

Vivek Kundra is a strong contender as he has relevant experience. He is currently the CTO of the government of Washington, D.C. Indian-born Kundra spent a fair amount of his childhood in Tanzania before his parents brought him to Maryland at the age of 11.

Cisco’s CTO, Padmasree Warrior, is the other candidate. She has also served as a chief technology officer at Motorola. Warrior was also born in India and studied at the much vaunted Indian Institute of Technology. “President-elect Obama and his team fully understand the importance of digital infrastructure to further our technology leadership as a nation”, she told BusinessWeek.

Image Credit: Washington Post

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