Amtrak to Extend Free Wi-Fi Service to Entire Fleet

Pulkit Chandna

Amtrak began providing free Wi-Fi internet access aboard all 20 of its Acela Express trains in March. Launched on a trial basis, AmtrakConnect, as the wireless internet service is called, emerged as a huge success at the end of the three-month trial run, prompting the passenger railroad company to establish the service as a permanent fixture on  Acela trains.

The company is now inviting proposals from vendors to help extend the Wi-Fi service to its entire fleet , with work expected to commence by late fall 2010. Amtrak is fully aware of some of the difficulties that the expansion plan is likely to encounter and wants a Wi-Fi solution that can circumvent them.

Acela trains seem to be better suited to onboard Wi-Fi compared to other Amtrek trains. This is down to the fact that they service an area with plenty of cell phone towers and are the only trains in Amtrek's fleet to feature a fixed number of passenger cars.

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