Americans Are Stressed Out By Their Computers

Maximum PC Staff

A new research study commissioned by Crucial has proven what us tech support geeks have known for years, people get stressed out by the very same technology that is supposed to make our lives easier. The study conducted by online marketing firm Harris Interactive claims nearly half of the survey respondents polled suffered some form of unhappiness related to computer performance, and the overwhelming majority of these frustrated users felt stressed out as a result.

When asked to compare the stress experienced with of forms of common anxiety, the results were pretty surprising.

According to the respondents, poor PC performance compares to (in this order):

1:) Traffic Jams

2:) Going Through Airport Security

3:) Dealing With Finances

4:) Filing Taxes

5:) Managing Health

6:) Arguing With Spouse

Maximum PC Users probably experience less computer related stress than the general population, but the results still carry a bit of truth. How many times have you stopped to wonder if you are pursuing a technology related problem, or a problem related to technology?

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