American Dialect Society Names "Google" the Word of the Decade

Pulkit Chandna

Google has become an integral part of our lives. Things could have been different, though, if it had let its guard down during the past decade. Can you imagine yourself “Yahoo-ing” or even “Bing-ing” instead of Googling? It does appear a tall order without the aid of hallucinogens.

The American Dialect Society certainly does not possess such a wild imagination and so has safely settled for “Google” (verb) as the word of the decade . The victory is even sweeter since “Google” was vying with quite a befitting contender in the form of “blog.”

"I really thought 'blog' would take the honors in the word of the decade category, but more people google than blog, don't they? Plus, many people think "blog" just sounds ugly. Maybe Google's trademark lawyers would have preferred it, anyway,” Grant Barrett, the man who heads ADS's New Word Committee said in a statement. “Tweet” triumphed in the word of the year category. What is your personal choice for word of the decade?

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