AMD's Turks Based FirePro V3900 is a Shot in the Arm for Entry Level Professional Graphics

Paul Lilly

We met with AMD yesterday afternoon to discuss today's launch of the Sunnyvale company's FirePro V3900 graphics card, and the takeaway from that meeting is that this is a high-value, half-height card that brings some respectable horsepower to the entry-level professional graphics market. Priced at a mere $119, you can think of the V3900 as a Radeon HD 6570 dressed in business attire.

"The AMD FirePro V3900 is the most powerful entry-level professional graphics card on the market today," says Sandeep Gupte , general manager of Professional Graphics, AMD. "Armed with advanced multi-display capability of AMD Eyefinity technology, extensive certifications for professional applications and blazing fast performance, it offers best-in-class value for our technical and business customers."

It's a fairly significant upgrade over the ATI FirePro V3800. The V3900 doubles the amount of onboard memory to 1GB and widens the bus from 64-bit to 128-bit for 28.8GB/s of bandwidth. It has 480 stream processors (up from 400) and 642 GFLOPs of compute performance, a 20 percent improvement over the V3800. The V3900 also supports all the latest APIs, like OpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 1.1, and DirectX 11.

(Source: AMD)

AMD isn't just competing against itself. You can't buy an entry-level workstation graphics card from Nvidia that supports more than two displays, but AMD's V3900 can drive up to six monitors via Eyefinity, albeit with the assistance of MST hubs. As to the performance, AMD claims the V3900 trumps Nvidia's Quadro 400 card in a number of benchmarks (see AMD's chart above).

Rounding out the spec sheet are 24 texture units, 8 ROPs, 650MHz core clockspeed, 900MHz memory clockspeed, 716 million transistors, and a TDP rated at less than 50W.

AMD FirePro V3900 Product Page

Image Credit: AMD

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