AMD's Radeon R7 250X Slides in Between R7 250 and R7 260X

Paul Lilly

New graphics SKU from AMD pops up online

It looks like AMD is fleshing out its graphics card line with a new part. A look around the web reveals several references to an AMD Radeon R7 250X graphics card from a variety of third-party partners , including one from Diamond Multimedia that's available to purchase for around $100 street. Looking at the specs, the Radeon R7 250X slides neatly in between AMD's Radeon R7 250 and R7 260X video cards.

Bear with us as we drop a handful of links, as information about the card is scattered all over the web. We'll start with , which surmises that the R7 250X sports the same Oland GPU as its non-X counterpart. There are both 1GB and 2GB models, both of which feature a 128-bit bus.

The same site is hosting pictures of two R7 250X graphics cards, one by Sapphire with a dual-slot cooler and single 6-pin power connector, and one by Asus. We checked out Sapphire's website but didn't find any reference to the part.

There's also a reference to the R7 250X on AMD Radeon Italia's Twitter account , which says the card has 640 stream processors, 40 TMUs, and 16 ROPs. The Tweet links over to TechPowerUp's description of the card.

Looking at online retailers, we found an overclocked version (1,050MHz GPU versus 1,000MHz) built by Diamond Multimedia selling for $100 on Amazon , or at least that's the way it's listed (the pictures Amazon is using show the non-X version). It also has a dual-slot cooler, along with DVI-D, HDMI, and VGA outputs, and 1GB of GDDR5 memory. Interestingly enough, this card isn't listed on Diamond Multimedia's own website .

Finally, kudos go out to news and rumor site Fudzilla for bringing this new part to our attention.

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