AMD's Pet Peeve: Laptop Stickers

Paul Lilly

It doesn't matter whether you spent $500 or $2,500 on your laptop, chances are the interior came riddled with stickers. Popping open the $1,600 Asus G73Jh-A1, for example, you'll find no less than five stickers advertising the processor (Intel Core i7), OS (Windows 7), graphics (ATI Mobility Radeon), sound effects (EAX Advanced HD), and overall system specs.

Despite the prominence of stickers on laptops at every price point, not everyone is on board with this, namely AMD, according to a recent report in The New York Times.

"As AMD points out, it's like buying a new, luxury car -- and discovering that it comes with non-removable bumper stickers that promote the motor oil, the floor mat maker, the windshield-fluid company, and the pine tree air freshener you have no intention of ever using," writes David Pogue of The NYT.

According to Pogue, AMD is planning a switch to new stickers in 2011 that will peel off a lot easier without leaving behind any residue. What's more, AMD is considering dumping its sticker program completely. Until then, AMD is making its sticker program optional, so even if a company decides not to slap an AMD sticker onto their notebook, they'll still receive the same marketing dollars.

What's your stand on laptop stickers -- nuisance or no big deal?

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