AMD's Mobile Trinity APUs to Ship Later This Month, Desktop Chips in August

Paul Lilly

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) managed to beat Intel's Ivy Bridge to the launch-day punch on a technicality when the Santa Clara chip maker began shipping Trinity and Brazos 2.0 APUs to OEMs last quarter, but as far as retail availability goes, AMD in April would only say the new parts "will be available globally soon." It appears "soon" really meant "next month," at least for notebook parts, and August for desktop chips.

Citing un-named sources in the notebook industry, DigiTimes claims AMD is getting ready to launch its latest A-series APUs (Trinity) sometime this month, though the first batch of chips will be mobile parts for notebooks, Desktop silicon will arrive three months from now, and AMD's 40nm tablet PC processors -- codenamed Hondo -- will launch in the fourth quarter to coincide with Microsoft's Windows 8 OS.

The same sources say that Trinity will undercut Ivy Bridge in price, which is no big surprise to anyone who's been paying attention to AMD's playbook ever since it coughed up the performance crown when Intel moved away from its inefficient Netburst architecture several moons ago.

When August rolls around, AMD is expected to launch several Trinity APUs manufactured by Globalfoundries, including the A10-5800K, A10-5700, A8-5600K, A8-5500, and A6 (Weatherford) and A4 (Richland) series processors, DigiTimes says.

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