AMD's Latest FireStream GPU Nearly Twice as Powerful as Before

Paul Lilly

AMD on Wednesday launched a pair of new FireStream GPU compute accelerators, the 9350 and 9370. The former qualifies as the industry's only single-slot PCI-Express computer accelerator, AMD says.

"Heterogeneous systems in which high-performance GPU and x86 CPU technologies work in tandem can deliver enormous computational power," said Patricia Harrell, director, Stream Computing, AMD. "Industry standards like OpenCL are driving rapid adoption of heterogeneous architectures, and commercial customers deploying systems with AMD FireStream accelerators and AMD Opteron processors can immediately experience the benefits of the combined technologies."

The AMD FireStream 9350 pumps out 2.0 TFLOPS of single precision performance and 400 GLOPS of double precision floating point performance in a single-slot form factor, whereas the 9370 kicks things up a notch to 2.64 TFLOPS (single precision) and 528 GLFOPS (double precision).

Both cards will be available in the third quarter of 2010. Pricing has yet to be determined.

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