AMD's Flagship FirePro W9100 Graphics Card Boasts 16GB of GDDR5 Memory

Paul Lilly

A professional graphics card designed for next generation 4K workstations

What do you get when you pile on heaps of GDDR5 memory to a slab of silicon rocking a fast GPU? You end up with AMD's FirePro W9100, a monster graphics card featuring an industry-first 16GB of GDDR5 onboard memory . According to AMD, the FirePro W9100 spits out up to 2.62 TFLOPS of double precision GPU compute performance, up to 5.24 TFLOPS of peak single precision GPU compute performance, and is prepped and primed for getting work done on 4K ultra high resolution workstations.

With that much onboard memory, AMD says professionals will have no trouble multitasking across up to half a dozen displays where they can load massive assemblies and data sets to manipulate, edit, color-correct, and layer in multiple effects to 4K video projects, all in real-time.

"Now is the time when 4K displays are more readily available and accessible," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD Graphics. "We’re seeing even more applications demand increased memory support while pushing the limits of real-time 4K video production and rendering. AMD has delivered a product at the right time to meet these needs -- the new AMD FirePro W9100 professional graphics card -- designed for the most demanding workflows in next-generation workstations."

The new card sports 2,816 stream processors, a 512-bit memory interface, 320GB/s of memory bandwidth, DirectGMA support, and six mini DisplayPort 1.2 outputs. It's 28nm GPU is clocked at 930MHz.

AMD says the FirePro W9100 will be available this spring from Sapphire Technology , AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation providers, and in HP Z820 and Z620 workstations. No word on how much it will cost to adopt this beast. AMD tells us the MSRP is $3,999.

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