AMD's CEO Steps Down


The man who has been perched atop AMD’s corporate hierarchy since April, 2004, and overseen the company’s horrendous streak of six consecutive quarterly losses – still unbroken, has stepped down as AMD’s CEO. Hector Ruiz will now be replaced by, Dirk Meyer, heir apparent to AMD’s throne of thorns. But he won’t leave AMD altogether and will don the role of executive chairman.

Had AMD advertised for this job instead of roping in Dirk Meyer straightaway, the advertisement would have carried a warning: this job carries a great – possibly grave - risk of hypertension and nervous breakdown, please, apply at your discretion.

Dirk Meyer held the reigns of the team that developed the first Athlon processor and has served as the company’s president and chief operating officer. Leading AMD is a job that will currently find very few takers and so Mr.Meyer might need your best wishes.

Image Credit: HappyNews

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