AMD Will Celebrate 30 Years of Graphics and Gaming with Live Webcast



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Good old AMD, they are irrelevant for the most part these days. They can just barley compete with Intel and Nvidia, or innovate.

Now AMD is selling re-branded OCZ SSD's? The market is saturated already, and they actually except people to buy their(OCZ's) SSD's because of brand name? Samsung has great SSD's already out there for cheaper than what AMD is going to offer too.

AMD GPU's are good, but that may not last forever with how things are going for them.

Intel and Nvidia also have someone to call "competition" in the desktop space on paper.



Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8



This isn't bait, but I give you points for your clever sentence.



One of my friends and his fiance attended this event in Austin, he said the tickets were free online.

You can see them both numerous times throughout the event on camera, they were sitting on the seventh row back in the middle, he has a huge beard and she has glasses.

He has a GTX 690 in his rig at home which he won for free at QuakeCon a year or two ago.
He got 2 of the 290's since his GF went too, but she isn't a huge gamer; so he is going to benchmark and play with them for awhile and likely sell both to get a free months rent lol.



And why it double posted is beyond me, but whatever.



And what about those of us who, you know, somehow MISSED the livestream (I'm one of those unfortunate people, by the way)? Will it be posted at some point (if ever) to youtube?


Sean D Knight

It would be almost immediately available to re-watch on TwitchTV. I believe AMD will also post it on their YouTube channel. 


The Mac

yup, watched it late on twitch.

pretty good.

Huddy is pretty funny.

Kyle from [H] was great as well

Some exclusive DA:I, and star citizen footage.

they gave everyone a 290 tri-x. bastards.