AMD says Nvidia’s Gameworks is “A Clear and Present Threat to Gamers”



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What the hell are you going on about?? I have had way more problems with Nvidia cards than AMD's. Also, because of the nature of AMD's stance on open documentation, their FOSS drivers are only better than Nvidia's. Nvidia are the ones that specifically write drivers for Linux, making their closed-source drivers better than AMD's on linux. Unfortunatley, because of the closed nature of Nvidia's documentation, their FOSS drivers are absolute shit.



I've come to the conclusion that GNU and the FOSS movement are up over their heads.

You want release your software "free as in freedom" and "open source"? Release it in the public domain. I don't want to see some "license" telling me what I can and can't do with your software when you're claiming "freedom!"



i agree. f**k all this driver crap. "open source" you wouldn't have to trust nvidia with a problem you know thats there. some crap to this day has never been resolved because the programmer thought people were making problems out of nothing OR because they thought the problem was on their end. open-source fixes would be appreciated.



Wouldn't surprise me if AMD is correct. Nvidia has pulled shenanigans in the past to give their parts an edge. Before anyone calls me a fanboi, I admit that I run almost exclusively Nvidia, but I would rather them compete fairly.