AMD Revitalizes Never Settle Game Bundle, Save Codes for Future Use



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I was very disappointed in AMD. Last year I purchased a qualifying video card and created an account with them as per the requirements of the free games. I then signed out for a few days while I decided on my choice of games. When I tried to claim my game later I couldn't. I read, after some searching, that I should have done it all in one shot. I tried contacting AMD support, after no reply on their E-mail support, via their phone numbers, both corporate and support numbers. The only guy I got to talk to stated that they could not help me with my problem. When asked, "Is there anyone there who gives a shit?" by me he answered, "No." To this date the only contact AMD has given me is an E-mail to acknowledge that my code is (was) valid.

As a customer of AMD since the 386-40 MHz processor I am seriously considering going with Intel/Nvidia. Hate to see customer support suffer when a company is struggling to stay afloat as it was last year, but with this kind of support you will receive no sympathy from a former loyal customer if they ever do. I guess everyone is into the profit over customer mode lately.



Just Cause 2 runs really good on AMD cards though. I bought it on Steam for just $3.



It seems odd to me that Just Cause 2 is in there as it is a Nvidia game.