AMD Ends the Speculation, Gives Radeon R7 250X a Proper Launch



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A few years ago, MPC mentioned that the Radeon HD 6850 was the best "budget" card for 1080 gaming.

Though this R7 is based on newer tech it does have half the memory bus width. I'm curious how the 6850 would compare to this R7.



The 6850 should easily outperform it, the 250 core is 1000mhz compared to the 6850s 800mhz, but the 6850 can easily be pushed to that speed with stock cooling in my experience.

The 6850 also has a larger memory bandwidth and bus. The 6850 also has twice as many shader units and about 3 times the pixel rate.

The 250x use less energy and does support the newest directx. But overall the 6850 is still a better card, not worth swapping for the 250x.



This seems like a nice budget friendly upgrade. In your opinion, should I upgrade to this from my 8600 GTS? I want something that is cheap, but still able to play newer games. I would keep going with NVIDIA but I don't have the budget for it. I have an old card, and the ability to play new games would be awesome for a change.



Based on the specs for both cards, this (R7 250x) would be a nice upgrade.

R7 250x (rebranded HD 7770) to 8600 GTS (using reference board info)
10 Compute Units (640 Stream Processors) to 32 Stream Processors
1000MHz Engine Clock to 675 MHz
1125MHz Memory Clock to 1000 MHz
1GB GDDR5 Memory to 256MB GDDR3
Same Memory Interface 128-bit
72GB/s memory bandwidth to 32GB/s



You can't use raw specs (particularly about the GPU by itself) to compare NVIDIA and AMD directly.



1080P at what settings? Wouldn't mind picking one of these up.



the nvidia geforce 650 ti is a much better deal.