AMD Announces Radeon R7 265 Graphics Card, Hits Retail in Late February for $149



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How would the performance of 2 of the R7 265 cards (at $150) compare to a single R9 270X card (approx $300)? I have about $300-$350 to spend and live in Canada so I cannot benefit from the US$ prices from that you recommend on your articles.



As nice as that is, I'd like to see the top-end GPUs have greater availability and have superior cooling.

Words cannot describe how loath I am to go Nvidia (too many bad experiences) but my 4-year-old GPUs in this machine could use an upgrade...



There's actually some decent looking non-reference cooling.. from what I've seen at least. But yeah, the litecoin miners are ruining the market at the moment. Keep half expecting Nvidia to drive their prices back up just because they can now.

From what I've read, it sounds like the price inflation only currently exists in North America.. so clearly there isn't a global shortage. Who knows.