AMD Will Launch Dual-Core Neo CPU This Year in its Congo Platform

Maximum PC Staff

At this year’s CES AMD showed off a new platform named Yukon that featured a single-core Athlon Neo processor. The machine from HP that it was inside rivaled the MacBook Air in thickness, was cooled passively to prevent noise and size, and impressed most that saw it.

Coming in the wake of such an impressive little chip, is the Neo’s next version, a dual-core that will be coming inside a platform codenamed Congo. The Congo will be a dual-core version of the Neo that is aimed at ultraportable laptops, but not quite netbooks.

Its expected that the chip will be available on the consumer market in the second half of this year, will run at a little more than 1.6GHz, and should be the driving force behind plenty of 12 to 14 inch notebooks.

Image Credit: AMD

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