AMD Will Celebrate 30 Years of Graphics and Gaming with Live Webcast

Sean D Knight

How time flies

AMD has been keeping itself busy these days. In addition to its Mantle API, the company is working on a line of Radeon-branded SSDs and there are rumors that it will cut the pricing on its FX processors in September. Despite all of this, AMD will be celebrating 30 years of graphics and gaming this Saturday, August 23, with a live broadcast.

The live stream will start at 7:00 AM PST/10:00 AM EST with AMD chief gaming scientist Richard Huddy as the master of ceremonies. Huddy was a guest on the No BS Podcast #226 for an in-depth interview that we recommend you listen to.

The event will be broadcasted live from the company’s Lone Star Campus in Austin, Texas where game developers will be asked about their latest projects. Unfortunately, AMD did not reveal what developers would be interviewed. It will also provide stories that cover the history of the company and, supposedly, there will be some new product announcements.

Everyone will be able to watch it on AMD’s website and TwitchTV while a re-broadcast of the event will be available to watch four hours afterwards.

Will you be watching the broadcast tomorrow and what do you hope to see?

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