AMD Waves Away ARM License Rumors

Paul Lilly

AMD set out to squash recent rumors suggesting the chip maker was interested in licensing ARM technology for use in tablets and other mobile devices. John Taylor, director of client product and software marketing at AMD, made it clear than an ARM license isn't in AMD's cards, and that his company is more than content to develop its own computer chips based on the x86 architecture for mobile devices.

"We've made a big bet on APUs, which are x86," Taylor said in an interview, according to PCWorld .

Speculation that AMD might turn to ARM for low power processors started up when Jem Davies, vice president of technology at the media processing division at ARM, was asked to speak at an AMD developer conference coming up in June. ARM CEO Warren East only fanned the flames when he mentioned being able to envision AMD using ARM processors sometime down the line.

"At the moment, they don't use ARM microprocessors and as far as we can see there is an opportunity... where they might use ARM microprocessors in the future," East said. "You've got to expect that we'll be trying to persuade them of that."

ARM currently has a stronghold on the tablet market, with Nvidia making a push with its Tegra platform. But in the coming months, Intel will be looking to make some waves of its own with its Oak Trail architecture, and with Intel's success in the netbook market, you have to think that the Santa Clara chip maker has a good shot at becoming a big player in the mobile device market as well. This is where a partnership with AMD might come in handy for ARM, but if AMD sticks to its word, it looks like it's going to be a four-way dog fight.

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