AMD Updates Business Class Processor Lineup

Paul Lilly

If AMD continues to falter in 2009, it won't be from a lack of processors. Less than two weeks ago, DigiTimes reported that the Santa Clara chip maker would churn out no less than half a dozen 45nm Athlon CPUs by June of 2009 in addition to the upcoming Phenom II release, all of which are aimed at the consumer desktop sector. But that's just the beginning; AMD also plans to flesh out its business CPU lineup with several 45nm silicon as well, DigiTimes says.

Six new business classes processors divided evenly between dual-, triple-, and quad-core parts are slated for Q3 2009. These include:

  • Athlon X2 B21 (2.7GHz, 2MB cache)
  • Athlon X2 B23 (2.9GHz, 2MB cache)
  • Phenom II X3 B71 (2.6GHz, 7.5MB cache)
  • Phenom II X3 B73 (2.8GHz, 7.5MB cache)
  • Phenom II X4 B91 (2.6GHz, 8MB cache)
  • Phenom II X4 B93 (2.8GHz, 8MB cache)

Several new Phenom II, Athlon X2, and Athlon processors will also receive last order notices in Q4 2009.

Image Credit: AMD


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