AMD Tries Hand at Making DDR3 Memory Modules

Paul Lilly

OCZ left the system memory market to focus on solid state drives in part because it grew tired of razer thin profits in the struggling DRAM sector. Memory makers choosing to weather the profit drought would probably like it if more vendors packed their bags and left. Too bad for them, AMD has decided to crash the memory party, bringing the weight of its own brand name to the already highly competitive DDR3 memory market.

AMD's Radeon memory product page indicates three levels of RAM. The Entertainment Series (DDR3-1333, 9-9-9 latencies) is pegged as "fast and reliable" and intended for digital entertainment chores, and sounds like a fancy way of calling it mainstream memory. There's an Ultra Pro Gaming line (DDR3-1600, 11-11-11 latencies) that consists of "hand selected high quality memory parts," and an Enterprise Server Series (frequency and latencies to be determined) "for the most popular mission critical servers."

It looks like AMD is only producing 2GB modules, at least for now, though it's not clear what kind of kits these will show up in. AMD's Radeon memory has already been spotted in the wild, with several pictures available at PC Watch .

Image Credit: AMD

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