AMD to Sell Another Six-Shooter (Phenom II X6 1045T)

Paul Lilly

Forget about how the actual performance stands up, if we're judging chips based solely on how many cores they're packing, then AMD stands alone in the budget and mid-range territories. Intel's lowest priced six core processor is also its most expensive (Core i7 980X Extreme Edition), while you can head over to Walmart and pick up an entire system built around AMD's lowest cost six-core chip for less.

Given that AMD owns the low-cost six-core market right now, the company can afford to sit on its laurels and see how Intel responds, but it's not going to. Instead, the Santa Clara chip maker is planning yet another low-cost Phenom II X6 processor, the 1045T.

The 1045T will come clocked at 2.7GHz. That's 100MHz faster than the 1035T in Walmart's blue light special, which will soon be obsolete. With the introduction of the 1045T, AMD will kill off the slower 1035T in the third quarter.

Other specs should look familiar to anyone who's been following AMD's foray into six-core territory. Built around the company's 45nm Thuban core, the 1045T will support DDR3-1333 memory, come with 9MB of cache, and overclock to 3.2GHz via Turbo Cool technology.

Image Credit: AMD

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