AMD to Push Out Power Friendly Processors for Windows 8 Tablets

Paul Lilly

It hasn't been much of an ARM wrestle in the tablet space up to this point, and it's not because AMD and Intel haven't talked the talk. For the most part, they just haven't walked the walk, which has allowed ARM to dominate the category. That could change once Windows 8 comes into view in a few months, and if Microsoft's upcoming Metro infused OS proves popular on touchscreen tablets, you can expect a dogfight between AMD and Intel.

Intel hasn't been shy about saying it plans to compete in the mobile device category, but what about AMD? According to DigiTimes , AMD is readying the release of its Hondo processors, which are low power chips built around the company's 40nm Bobcat architecture. Hondo processors boast a power consumption of just 4-5W, 1-2 processing cores, and on-die DirectX 11 graphics. These will go up against Intel's Clover Trail-W CPUs.

Following Hondo, AMD will roll out Tamesh processors in 2013. These second generation ultra low power APUs will feature AMD's Jaguar architecture with additional power enhancements and performance improvements.

Image Credit: AMD

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