AMD Starts Shipping Trinity And Brazos 2.0 APUs To Manufacturers

Brad Chacos

If AMD were an Internet troll, it would be that annoying guy who always chimes in with a "FIRST!" post in the comment section of articles. After the company's Radeon 7000 series beat Nvidia to market by quite a few months, it's now beaten Intel to the CPU punch, too. With Ivy Bridge's expected launch staring us square in the face, AMD has announced that its Trinity and Brazos 2.0 APUs have begun shipping out.

…kinda. In a blog post on the AMD website , senior PR manager Phil Hughes announced that the chips started shipping to OEMs last quarter, but haven't started shipping to retail. The actual street date for Trinity- and Brazos 2.0 based systems is a more nebulous "will be available globally soon."

Hughes even tossed in a Trinity elevator pitch for the folks who aren't familiar with the APU: "(Trinity) helps improve on virtually every aspect of our current A-Series APUs while doubling the performance-per-watt over our previous generation." Brazos 2.0 improves upon currently available Brazos chips and targets low-end products.

All that's left to see is whether or not Trinity is actually able to deliver decent enough CPU chops at a low enough price to be able to steal some of the thunder away from Intel's Ultrabooks and Ivy Bridge CPUs.

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